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 Information Retrieval products and services (Text Mining)

We have a proprietary Multi-lingual Text Search & Retrieval engine called WordMiner, which has been used very successfully in applications addressing voluminous quantities of data viz., Legal Information, Banking Information, e-governance, Archival and retrieval of heritage works, CD-ROMs for Publishers of print media, etc. Two of our major successes with WordMiner are Grand JURIX - the Electronic Law Library, and BankMan++ - RBI Circulars on CD. Over the last 14 years, these two products together have acquired a user base in excess of 10,000 legal and banking professionals across India. Client List

DataFix suite of products and services (Data Quality Management)

In the area of Data Quality Management, WordMiner has been used in conjunction with other in-house developed technologies to build expertise and experience in Data cleansing and De-duplication projects involving over 6 million records for primarily finance industry participants. The DataFix suite of products – Scrubbix, DeDuplix and Profilix - has emerged as a result. A number of Banking, Telecomms and Insurance entities in India are benefiting from the use of these technologies.

Knowledge Management products and services

In addition to Profilix, Spectrum has undertaken several initiatives in the area of Content and Document Management. One reference site for our Knowledge Management is at the Reserve Bank of India’s Legal Department in Mumbai, where over 40 lawyers regularly use Spectrum “Electronic Document Retrieval (EDR) System” to search through a repository of a little over 1 million documents and retrieve desired documents, extract relevant materials therefrom and share these materials between each other as parts of new documents being created by them, which too would be uploaded, indexed and archived into the same repository.


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