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Reserve Bank Of India (RBI)

Under the said agreement Spectrum's name is included in the mailing list of various departments of RBI viz. DBOD, IECD, DBS, DNBS, DBS-FID, RPCD, ECD,UBD, MPD. Spectrum is permitted to collect Circulars, Notifications, Directives and Guidelines from these departments and vend them to banks, financial institutions, non-banking financial institutions and Auditors of the above on electronic or magnetic media only.


Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
Spectrum is committed to help The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute create all relevant content on computer-readable and web-enabled media. Spectrum has also been made responsible to ensure that scholars from The Institute and visiting scholars are provided leading edge Information Technology tools to assist in the task of manuscript research and text research. 

The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute

It has been the proudest privilege  of this Institute to have undertaken  and successfully completed the stupendous work of bringing out a critical  edition of this encyclopedic  Epic with the help of such eminent scholars, both Indian and western, as Prof. Raghu Vira, Prof. Sushil Kumar , Prof. V. S. Sukhtankar, Prof. P. L. Vaidya, Prof R N Dandekar, Prof. Edgerton and others.

The accuracy of the critical text has been applauded by scholars all over the world.

The Bhandarkar Oriental research Institute, Pune  was founded on July 6, 1917 to commemorate the name and work of Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar, the foremost pioneer of Scientific Orientology. Since then, The Institute has been working strenuously through its four main departments:

  •  Mahabharata and Research Unit 
  •  Manuscripts
  •  Publication
  •  Post-Graduate  Research Department.

The seven big volumes of the History of Dharmasastra by Prof. P  V  Kane won for him the prestigious title of Bharatratna, while Prof. R N Dandekar, the Hon. Secy. of the Institute for over 52 years won the Padma Bhushan and fellowship of the Sahitya Academy. 


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