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BPO Services

Spectrum Business Support Ltd, a company incorporated in 1986 and started by technologists and Management Graduates from the top Institutes in the country is the acknowledged pioneer in the country in providing Information on Electronic Media as well as initiating and actively developing indigenous Technology Products to meet the demands of today's Knowledge Economy.  Spectrum's activities are not limited to mere manpower oriented operations but extend to ensuring an end-to-end solution for the client through a combination of superior technology and services. Spectrum provides its Expertise in the following areas:


Technologies & Tools





Data Quality Experts   

Data Supervisors/Processors

24 * 7 connectivity 



Content Management Tools

Full text Search and Retrieval Technology

Enterprise Data Quality Tools

ETL Tools

XML Tools

Web Technologies

Product Appln expertise

In-house Infrastructure

Scalable Hardware

Software Solution  Developers




Digital Content Management







  Data-entry and proof-reading

Conversion & Transcription

Archival & Hosting

Electronic Data Discovery

Claims Processing

Litigation Support  Coding

Patent Application Preprn.

Docketing & Calendaring

Time & Billing


Legal Research


Brief Preparation

Document Review

Deposition Digesting


 For further support feel free to mail at HelpDesk@sbsworld.com