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BPO Services

Spectrum's Unique Position comes from the following:

1. Powerful technologies to meet archival & retrieval requirements for content -Multi-lingual Full text search & retrieval, XML parsing, database design and sophisticated programs for linking documents, linking images, and measurement of accuracy and quality. Variety of media handled - text, image, audio, video. Spectrum has over 15 years of experience in dealing with requirements of archival and retrieval on a day-to-day basis for its flagship applications in the Law and Banking arena. Mistakes in the Law domain prove costly and Spectrum's processes have been refined to ensure that minimum 99% accuracy is achieved.

2.  Domain expertise in Metadata and taxonomy creation especially for Legal and Financial Domains -  It is no longer just a question of archival. For data to be meaningful, it has to be categorised - not just on title, author, date, etc. but also on the content. This requires expert manual intervention to create a tree of subject indexes. Ideally, apart from index add-ons, the relevant content should be searchable as is. Using WordMiner, our Text Search engine, we have provided this expertise for Law and Banking related information with considerable success. The Reserve Bank of India, India’s Central Bank, uses our services in this area for over 5 years now.

3. Large Scale throughput and Database Handling - Dealing with large volumes of data is not just about putting more people and more infrastructure to work but also the capability to provide    technology and capacity to deal with large scale project management. Till date, Spectrum, has worked on several large projects for banks in India viz., ICICI Bank Ltd, HDFC Bank Ltd, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and so on, dealing with Structured Data (Records) and Unstructured Data running into several GBs. 

4. Clear Segregation of the Database and Technology Centres - Spectrum has a separate unit for dealing with all Content Generation and Content Management activities - Sanchay Databases. Here is where the entire process of archival, categorisation, metadata creation and other value-adds like hyperlinks etc get done. The team comprises of in-house experts, Supervisors, Processors, Project Managers, Data quality specialists and Domain experts. The latest hardware and software is used to meet the requirements of speed, accuracy and quality. The technology team fully supports this center with efficiency and throughput enhancement programs, validation tools and other related requirements.

5. Addressing Data Security issues - The Security Engineering team of consultants at Mahindra British Telecom Ltd, is helping Spectrum to implement BS 7799 standard secure systems for all our Data Management assignments. The process has just got under way and implementation will be fully completed before the end of calendar 2004.

6. Legacy System Migration - e-migrate tools - Spectrum has got expertise in extracting and transforming data from Legacy Systems - COBOL based and the like so that clients no longer need to maintain the old systems and can access the data in more standard formats with no special expertise and also load them into the new destination server as part of the migration plan. Spectrum also provides Scanning migration services and Implementation management to ensure smooth migration.

 For further support feel free to mail at HelpDesk@sbsworld.com