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BPO Services

1. Legal Research

Our Legal Researchers search through large in-house databases (where we are provided access) and third-party Law Information Databases viz., GrandJURIX, Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, etc.

Our researchers interact with client personnel to specify the research proposition. Obviously, without loss of client confidentiality, our researchers need to be put into context, to ensure more focused hits rather than generalized responses.  Iterative interactions are provided to ensure the researcher supports the client lawyer through the length of the matter, including response generation for opposing counsel’s research-based submissions.

Spectrum’s 15 years’ experience with Legal Researchers, gives us the expertise and experience to offer these services at competitive rates, with quick turn-around. We have a well-defined and smooth process for accepting client requests, defining the re-search proposition, and conducting a response validation exercise, in an iterative and interactive mode.

Where needed, dedicated Research Officers (individually or in teams), stay with your team for continuing and interactive research & response requirements. Interactions are conducted on email and/or voice, as need be. Our Research Officers are trained in-house and a regular Skill Audit is conducted by our Independent Legal Advisors including former High Court Judges, Practicing Counsel and Company Secretaries.


 For further support feel free to mail at HelpDesk@sbsworld.com