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BPO Services

2. Archival & Conversion Services (ACS)

Spectrum’s ACS team provides services to scan large volumes of paper into image databases, and convert image data into text where desired, as well as convert from one digital format to another digital format viz., PDF/JPEG to MS Word Documents. This creates a repository that is easier to manage, than the source documents it was created from. “Manage” here means - search & retrieve, organize, copy and forward, print, etc.

Spectrum has created large law information databases for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICICI Bank Ltd, Matrix Information Services, and others. For the Legal Dept of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) we scanned 0.95 million pages, across 240,000 documents, OCRed & attached their abstracts, meta-tagged them and created a software interface for ongoing archival & sophisticated full-text search.

Today, we can process 0.25 million paper documents each month. With due notice, this capability can be upscaled, as per client needs.

In order to go beyond paper and thus provide a full-service approach, we are setting up a Transcription services group to provide a range of services including - Audio Transcription (or dictation) services for data from mini, micro, standard and mini disc tapes, plus digital DSS and WAV sound files, Video Captioning, Manuscript proofreading, Transcript Summarization, etc.                                                                                                                              

 For further support feel free to mail at HelpDesk@sbsworld.com