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BPO Services

3. Litigation Support Coding (LSC)

LSC requires Coding of voluminous paper documents. Typically these form the preparatory material for any major lawsuit. Equally, coding could be immensely useful for creating in-house use knowledge bases. Coding requires legal expertise and understanding of the content of such documents. Where necessary, apart from our team of law professionals, we retain the services of domain experts.

For the last 15 years, we’ve been coding & meta-tagging for our Law Database product Grand JURIX, a combination of “normal” indexes (party-names, court name, dates, etc) and “derived” indexes (Act-section, phrase, topic, etc) based on content analysis.

 For the Legal Department of a large Bank, we regularly index legal documents to their Legal department’s specifications since 1998. Apart from the “normal” indexes, we have created Subject indexes, Act and Section indexes and Hyper-links between documents, “derived from” or based on content analysis software as well as inputs from domain experts. 

Recently, we completed a pilot for a US-based Law firm for indexing of litigation documents. We populated “normal” indexes in line with the client’s Manual. The indexing parameters included - range of page numbers, file index, type of document, author, organization, date, title/subject, and links between scanned image and indexes.

 For further support feel free to mail at HelpDesk@sbsworld.com