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BPO Services

4. Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)

EDD requires reviewing digital data buried in large and possibly distributed digital repositories, for production of files containing relevant data in compliance with a discovery request. Obviously, this presumes provision of all such material to Spectrum’s EDD Consultant, giving search guidelines and time schedules within which results are to be usefully provided to the Case Preparation team

As the EDD consultant, we would mine (locate, extract and catalogue) content in Email, email attachments, word processing documents, spreadsheets, several other formats, from various locations – hard disks, CDs, etc. EDD is a person- and situation-specific activity, to be normally conducted in short periods of time. Using our proprietory full-text search & retrieval engine, WordMiner, Spectrum provides customized tools or Services to meet client requirements.

Apart from providing customized services, Spectrum also provides through our product Search Docs Pro, a software tool-set that can be implemented at client locations to provide the Indexing & re-search flexibility required for successful EDD:

       - Supports all type of formats - Images, Spreadsheets, MS Word docs, e-mails and even voice transcriptions

      - Compatible with Outlook and Email Files that can be imported into Outlook.

      - Supports multiple files with same names as attachment

      - Allows tree like classification

      - Text and images are linked and viewable through easy GUI

      - Provides sophisticated retrieval – full text search and index combination



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