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  About Us


          Software Professionals        

If you are a Software Professional  who


        Is Customer Oriented, not code oriented


        Is Flexible willing to run that extra miles


        Takes pride in creating solutions that make a difference to users and wants to be a key developer in a powerful team.


We are Spectrum Business Support Ltd


We ship Technologies and Products developed by us, and also license third party tools to upgrade our offerings & shorten time to market. 


Areas of interest: 


- Multi-lingual Text Search and Retrieval


- Knowledge Management 


- Data Quality Management Data cleansing, De-Duplication.




    Developers with minimum of 2 years experience in -  C, C++, C# 

    Good working Knowledge of Linux 

>   Team Leaders with 4 years plus experience in managing projects with adequate software skills and proficiency in above


We also look for professionals with above experience willing to work on short-term assignments of 4-6 months.

Project Sales Managers for Marketing IT Solutions

If you have excellent skill in presenting and marketing Technology Solutions from a customer perspective and to very senior people you could probably be the right Person. If this is combined  with the ability to persist till the sale is made and thereafter to build the relationship you could be the person we are looking for. Moreover if you have  organisational abilities to build and lead a team while exploring newer markets you could definitely talk to us. 

Minimum experience - 4-5 years, Good Presentation Skills

Salary: Combination of Fixed and Commissions 

e-mail: careers@sbsworld.com

 For further support feel free to mail at HelpDesk@sbsworld.com